How Our Flower Vending Kiosk Can Help You(3)
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Customer Experience
Gather Delivery Orders AND Make Cash & Carry Sales
At Local Hospital, Office Buildings, Airports & More!
Kiosk lets you know when sales are made!
Call For More Information: 866-257-9504 Or Visit Us At:

How It Works For The Customer
Customers simply use the large 26” touch screen to purchase cash & carry items right out of your kiosks. Customers can pay by cash or credit card. At the completion of the sale the customer is given a printed receipt with an invoice number and your store name and contact information in case they want to contact you about the transaction or to make future purchases.
Some customers may prefer to have flowers delivered. Your kiosks are connected directly to the internet and allow customers to browse hundreds of arrangements for delivery anywhere in the United States or abroad. The customer is even offered the option of being called or e-mailed to confirm delivery of the order. The customers printed receipt contains all of the necessary information for them to contact you to follow up on their delivery order if necessary.
T he sales process for customers is incredibly easy. The touch screen interface literally walks customers through the sales process with large touch screen buttons and a pleasant female voice.
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