How Our Flower Vending Kiosk Can Help You(2)
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Increase Sales And Maximize Name Recognition
In Hospitals
In Airports
Office Building Lobbies
College Campuses
Government Buildings
Large Hotels
Imagine having 24/7 advertising in place in all
of these locations all throughout your delivery area promoting your flower shop.
There is no need to imagine. You can afford to do it today.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Would you consider buying flowers if you saw them for sale when you walked into the hospital to visit someone? What about if you was flowers for sale in the lobby when you were arriving and leaving work every single day? What if you were waiting to greet someone at the airport and saw flowers for sale there? What if you were shopping for that perfect gift for someone at the mall and saw flowers for sale? It’s all about the impulse buy and getting your product and your company name in front of the customer to get them thinking about flowers and your shop. You want your flower shop to become a household name in your delivery area. Normally, that kind of advertising would cost more than most shops could afford. Now you can have that kind of presence in your delivery area with no out-of-pocket expense.

Not only are your products displayed for all to see, but your shop is advertised to the hundreds or thousands who pass by your kiosks every single day. They see your large backlit sign on the top of your kiosks with your logo, name, address, web site address, and phone number. They also see the large 17” flat screen monitor that is showing a one to two minute TV commercial of your flower shop and the services that you provide. All this is in front of customers all throughout your delivery area 24/7! That’s powerful advertising!

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