About 24Hour Florist, Inc.

24Hour Florist, Inc. designs, manufactures floral vending machines. We have been providing floral vending machines to the U.S. market since 2006.

Our patented "24Hour Florist Automated Floral Cooler Kiosk" gives local florists an opportunity to display and sell their products to customers in more convenient locations such as shopping malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Office Buildings, Airports, cemeteries and many other locations making it far more convenient to make someone's day with a beautiful flower arrangement.

The founder of our company is Milton Vallaire. Milton's parents began working in the florist business in the 1920s and then started their own retail flower business in 1942 in New Orleans, LA. Milton has been carrying on the tradition ever since. In the early 1990s, Milton came up with the idea for the automated floral kiosk and set to work on getting a patent to protect his idea. He was awarded his patent (#5,971,273) in 1998 and his automated floral kiosk became a reality in 2006.

Milton says it best... "I am trying to help local florists get more direct orders from consumers as I saw order gatherers like FTD®, Telflora®, 800Flowers®, and more grabbing all the orders and then selling them back to the florists for pennies on the dollar. I saw so many of my good friends in the flower business closing their doors and many even going bankrupt as a result of these watered down sales becoming a bigger and bigger part of their business."

"I saw the floral kiosk as the best way to get florists back in touch with their local customers directly without having to give so much of their income to the middleman companies."

For more information about the floral kiosk system or our web based system give us a call at 866-257-9504 today.