How Our Flower Vending Kiosk Can Help You (6)
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How You Get Your Money
As we mentioned, your cash taken at the kioskis stored inside the unit until you remove it. The unit can hold hundreds of bills so the choice is yours how often you want to empty it as well as who has the authority to empty it. You can see how much cash is in any of your kiosks at any time in real time from your shop or any web connected PC by using our included web-based kiosk management system.
Your kiosks will all be using your current credit card merchant account to process credit card transactions. Therefore, you will receive those funds as you do your current credit card transactions.
When you receive an order for delivery from another florist and you confirm that you have completed the delivery, you will be paid electronically for that delivery on or before the 7th of the following month.
Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Kiosks

One great way to use your kiosks is for that customer who calls your shop right at closing time and is looking for that last-minute item. You can simply direct them to your nearest kiosk, and they can help themselves after hours!
Of course, you should always have an after-hours message for customers who call your shop after you close. Let them know on this message where all of your kiosks are located so you won’t miss a single sale!
If you advertise in the Yellow Pages, you should include the locations of your kiosks there as well promoting your unique 24/7 availability of product.
If you are the first in your area to have kiosks, send a press release to your local TV and radio stations as well as local newspapers. You will be surprised to find that being the first to have flower kiosks in your area is news, and you will get lots of free press to promote your unique offering.
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