How Our Flower Vending Kiosk Can Help You(7)
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Locating a kiosk in a the lobby of a large office building is a great opportunity. Be sure to locate the kiosk near the main entrance so that everyone entering and leaving the building will pass your kiosk.
If you put a kiosk in a shopping mall be sure to provide something for shoppers to carry their purchase around in. A water proof bag with a vase holding bottom would be ideal. Simply fold the bag up and put it in the kiosk with the arrangement.
Be creative and strike a deal with a jewelry or gift store near your kiosk. One example of a deal would be if a customer buys at least $XX worth of jewelry or gifts, the jewelry store would spring for the flowers from your kiosks. This would be a great promotion for the jewelry or gift store to advertise and get more customers for themselves as well. We can show you how you can set this up with a jewelry or gift store or any other type of store using our coupon or voucher system at no extra charge.
Keep a variety of price points in your cooler so that you can attract customers from all price ranges. Learn from what you sell at each kiosk and tailor each kiosks’ inventory to best suite that kiosks clientele.
If you put your kiosks in a hospital, be sure to check out all the major hospital entrances and try to get located at the busiest entrance. If there is more than one busy entrance, consider putting in more than one kiosk. If you cannot put in more than one kiosk, see if the hospital will let you put up a sign at the other entrances showing where the fresh flower kiosk is located.
Even though the prices of all of your cash and carry items are listed on the 17” touch screen, most customers find it much more convenient to see the prices on the actual items themselves. Be sure that all of the items you place in your kiosks have easy-to-read price tags on them that can be seen through the glass. Our experience shows this greatly increases sales.
Always keep your cooler stocked full of fresh product. You will turn customers off quickly if you leave unsold items in the cooler too long or if you let the cooler run out of product without refilling it on a timely basis. We find that unsold items longer than five days should be replaced, though this is rare.
Train your delivery drivers to carry a clean cloth with them to wipe smudges off the glass when they are replacing items in your kiosks. This keeps the kiosk and your items inside looking their best.
Keep the inside of your kiosks clean as well. Remember, an attractive, clean, well-stocked display will ensure maximum sales.
Don’t forget that aside from all the extra sales you will make directly from your kiosks, you will also be advertising your business as well. Our current kiosk users tell us that they are getting wedding business, funeral business, and lots more direct phone orders from customers who see their kiosks all over town.
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